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کتاب Marino’s The ICU Book 2014 | آی سی یو پل مارینو ویراست چهارم

قیمت اصلی ۱,۴۲۹,۰۰۰ تومان بود.قیمت فعلی ۱,۱۴۳,۲۰۰ تومان است.

کتاب مارینوز آی سی یو بوک Marino’s The ICU Book اثر پل ال. مارینو، در دنیا مرجع شناخته شده‌ای برای دست اندرکاران مراقبت‌های ویژه و دانشجویان است پل ال. مارینو با حذف حواشی غیرضروری کتاب ICU و به روز نمودن اطلاعات آن، کتاب جدیدی تحریر نموده که حاوی اطلاعات ضروری و به‌روزی است که در عین سادگی، جامع بوده و مطالعه آن بدون ایجاد خستگی و بسیار مفرح است.

A fundamental and respected resource book in critical care, The ICU Book, Fourth Edition, continues to provide the current and practical guidance that have made it the best-selling text in critical care. The text addresses both the medical and surgical aspects of critical care, delivering the guidance needed to ensure sound, safe, and effective treatment for patients in intensive care—regardless of the specialty focus of the unit. Traditionally available as a printed textbook, the print version now comes with a completely revamped digital experience. Viewable through a browser on PC and Mac or as a download to your iOS tablet or smartphone, the digital version includes:

  • The complete text with optimized navigation
  • A powerful, index-based search functionAll referenced content is linked throughout for instant access
  • Regular literature and commentary updates integrated into the text
  • The ability to share notes with friends and colleagues

Key Features

  • Problem-based approach teaches critical thinking and mirrors the decision-making process of the intensive care unit
  • Expert perspectives from Dr. Marino help sharpen technique, minimize error, and improve outcomes
  • Reader-friendly format makes essential information easy to locate and apply
  • “Final Word” summaries at the conclusion of each chapter highlight salient points and improve retention of key concepts

New to the Fourth Edition

  • Fully rewritten content (including eight New chapters) assures readers of only the most up-to-date and practical information available
  • Full-color format emphasizes clinical anatomy and facilitates visual learning

Additionally, this publication is included on the ANCC: American Nurses Credentialing Center’s reference list.

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