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کتاب مبانی پرستاری پوتر و پری ویراست دهم | Fundamentals of Nursing 2021

قیمت اصلی ۳,۴۲۰,۰۰۰ تومان بود.قیمت فعلی ۲,۷۳۶,۰۰۰ تومان است.

کتاب Fundamentals of Nursing 2021 مبانی پرستاری پوتر و پری ویراست دهم شامل مباحث مربوط به مفاهیم و مهارت‌های لازم برای ارائه مراقبت‌های عالی پرستاری میباشد. این کتاب با راهنمایی گام به گام مصور، یادگیری مهارت‌ها و کاربردهای مهم را آسان می کند، این کتاب درسی پرستاری به شما کمک می کند تا درک و استدلال بالینی لازم برای موفقیت در مقطع تحصیلی و محل کار خود را توسعه دهید.

جزئیات این اثر در سایت آمازون به شرح زیر می‌باشد:

Learn the concepts and skills you need to provide excellent nursing care! Fundamentals of Nursing, 10th Edition prepares you to succeed as a nurse by providing a solid foundation in critical thinking, clinical reasoning, nursing theory, evidence-based practice, and patient-centered care in all settings. With illustrated, step-by-step guidelines, this book makes it easy to learn important skills and procedures. Care plans are presented within a nursing process framework, and case studies show how to apply concepts to nursing practice. From an expert author team led by Patricia Potter and Anne Perry, this bestselling nursing textbook helps you develop the understanding and clinical reasoning you need to succeed in the classroom and in your career.

  • Review questions in every chapter test your retention of key concepts, with answers and rationales in the book and on the Evolve companion website; at least four of these questions are alternate format.
  • UNIQUE! Building Competency boxes summarize QSEN competencies, each with a clinical situation followed by several open-ended questions designed to help you understand and apply these core competencies.
  • Delegation Considerations clarify which nursing tasks can and cannot be delegated.
  • Evidence-Based Practice chapter shows how nursing research helps in determining best practices.
  • UPDATED Evidence-Based Practice boxes in every chapter include a PICO question ― the Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome ― and summarize a research study along with its application to nursing practice.
  • Over 50 nursing skills include illustrated, step-by-step instructions in a two-column format ― with rationales for each step.
  • Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions for each skill alert you to possible complications and appropriate nursing actions.
  • Over 30 procedural guidelines provide streamlined, step-by-step instructions for performing basic skills.
  • UNIQUE! Critical Thinking Models in each clinical chapter show how to apply the nursing process and critical thinking to make clinical decisions.
  • 50 in-text case studies include clinical application questions and exercises, allowing you to practice using care plans and concept maps.
  • UPDATED 1,100-question test bank includes multiple-choice and alternate item questions at all difficulty levels.
  • Focus on safety and quality in the Patient Safety and Quality chapter shows how these concepts apply to nursing practice, and includes a skill on fall prevention in healthcare settings.
  • Nursing Assessment Questions boxes help you learn to effectively phrase questions for patients.
  • Cultural Aspects of Care boxes summarize cultural considerations and provide practical guidelines on meeting patients’ cultural needs and preferences.
  • Patient Teaching boxes promote effective patient education by first identifying outcomes, then developing strategies on how to teach and evaluate compliance.
  • Focus on Older Adult boxes highlight key aspects of nursing assessment and care of elderly adults.
  • Planning sections help you plan and prioritize comprehensive patient care, with coverage of Goals and Outcomes, Setting Priorities, and Teamwork and Collaboration.
  • Practical study tools on the Evolve companion website include video clips of nursing skills, skills checklists, a fluid & electrolytes tutorial, a concept map creator, printable key points, answers to the questions in the book, an audio glossary, and more.
  • NEW content includes topics such as gun violence, patient safety, the opioid epidemic, and device addiction.
  • NEW! Guidelines for the effective use of health screening cover physical and mental issues across all patient age groups from pediatric to geriatric.
  • NEW! Reflective Learning helps you use clinical reasoning to think about your clinical and simulation experiences.
  • NEW! Reflect Now boxes guide you through a thoughtful consideration of a recent clinical experience. 
  • NEW! Teach Back is incorporated into the Evaluation section in patient teaching boxes, reinforcing this vital communication technique.
  • NEW! Over 100 new photos clarify procedures and familiarize you with the latest clinical equipment.
  • NEW! Caring for Patients with Chronic Illness chapter helps you address the unique health care needs of patients who deal with chronic illness.
  • NEW! Interprofessional collaboration and cooperation receive more emphasis.
  • NEW objectives are clearly and precisely tied to content, making it easier to find relevant information

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